UMBC Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate shall have the authority to formulate and recommend policies, subject to the advice of the other Senates, and to the policies and procedures established by the Board of Regents or the UMBC President, with regard to the following matters: (1) Principles governing faculty promotion, tenure, retention, and rules and regulations; (2) Requirements for awarding undergraduate and graduate degrees; (3) Approval of graduate programs; (4) Approval of undergraduate major, certificate, and minor programs; (5) Periodic reviews of academic departments and programs; and (6) Operation and administration of research, scholarship, and creative activity.

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For the 2023-2024 Academic Year, the following constitute the Rosters of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee and the Faculty Senate:

Faculty Senate Executive Committee:

President: Susan McDonough

Vice President: Loren Henderson

At-Large Members: Mariajose Castellanos, Kate Drabinski, Nancy Kusmaul, Kevin Omland, Kathryn Sullivan

Members: Dawn Biehler (Chair of the Academic Planning and Budget (APB) Committee), Donald Snyder (Chair of the Faculty Affairs Committee), Elizabeth Feeser (Chair of the Undergraduate Council), Andy Miller (Liaison from the Graduate Council), and Orianne Smith (Immediate Past President of the Faculty Senate)

Senators AY2023 – 2024: 

Africana Studies: Thomas Robinson

American Studies: Sarah Fouts

Ancient Studies: Molly Jones-Lewis

Biological Sciences: Kevin Omland

Chemical, Biochemical & Environmental Engineering: Mariajosé Castellanos

Chemistry and Biochemistry: Joel Liebman

Computer Science & Electrical Engineering: Curtis Menyuk

Dance: Ann Sofie Clemmensen

Economics: Salem Abo-Zaid

Education: Shannon Sauro

Emergency Health Services: Farah Nibbs

English: Elaine MacDougall

Erickson School of Aging Studies: Robin Majeski

Gender, Women’s +Sexuality Studies: Kate Drabinski

Geography & Environmental Systems: Colin Studds

History: Anne Sarah Rubin

Information Systems: Foad Hamidi

Library: Katy Sullivan

Language, Literacy & Culture: Tanya L. Saunders

Mathematics & Statistics: Muruhan Rathinam

Marine Biotechnology: Ten-Tsao Wong

Mechanical Engineering: Weidong Zhu

Media & Communication Studies: Tracy Tinga

Modern Languages, Linguistics & Intercultural Communication: Renee Lambert-Bretiere

Music: Philip Mann

Philosophy: Michael Nance

Physics: Todd Pittman

Political Science: William Blake

Psychology: Lira Yoon

Public Policy: Mir Usman Ali

Social Work: Nancy Kusmaul

Sociology & Anthropology: Andrea Kalfoglou

Theatre: Joan Mather

Visual Arts: Guenet Abraham