Academic Planning and Budget Committee


To review and make recommendations on:

a. University priorities and plans.

b. Academic planning and priorities.

c. Proposals for new and revised academic programs.

d. Budgets, including budget plans, priorities, and modifications and the allocation of institutional funds.

e. The academic and budget planning process and the connections among plans, program reviews, and budgeting.

f.  The committee shall report to the Senate at least once per semester and as needed or as requested by the President.


Members (10 members; 5 yr. Term)

  • Lynda  Aldana (Associate Director – LIBR/Librarian)
  • Dawn Biehler  (Associate Professor – Geographic and Environmental Systems)
  • Animikh Biswas (Professor – Math & Statistics)
  • Brian Cullum (Professor – Chemistry & Biochemistry)
  • Phil Farabaugh (Professor – Biology)
  • Jayshree Jani (Associate Professor – Social Work)
  • Nancy Miller (Professor – Public Policy)
  • Charles Nicholas  (Professor – CSEE)
  • Sreedevi Sampath (Associate Professor – Information Systems
  • Patricia Young (Professor- Education)

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