Faculty Grievance Committee


To protect rights of the faculty members and the pursuit of excellence in the University.

To hear informal complaints and formal grievances submitted by any faculty member of group of faculty members.

To report to the Faculty Senate at least once each academic year a summary of its findings, procedural developments, and precedents, in such a manner as shall not injure the privacy of parties to its cases.

To establish appropriate relationships with the University administration concerning the rights of faculty members to file grievances and its role in such grievances under rules of the University, the laws of the State of Maryland, and the laws of the United States.

To establish procedures for hearing and adjudicating grievances to take effect upon approval of the Faculty Senate.


Members (7 tenured; 2 non-tenured members; 3 yr. term)

  • Brian Grodsky (Professor, POLI)
  • Gloria Chuku (Professor, AFST)
  • Irina Golubeva (Associate Professor, MLLI)
  • Mark Henriksen (Associate Professor, Physics)
  • Molly Jones-Lewis (Lecturer ANCS)
  • Shaness Kemp (Assistant Professor, Dance)
  • Anita Komlodi (Associate Professor, IS)
  • Curtis Menyuk (Professor, CSEE)
  • Christopher Rakes (Associate Professor, EDUC)



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