Faculty Senate Committees

The following Committees report to the Faculty Senate:

  • Academic Planning and Budget Committee (APB)
  • Committee on Computer Policy
  • Faculty Affairs Committee (FAC)
  • Faculty Grievance Committee
  • General Education Committee
  • Nominating Committee
  • Organization and Operations Committee
  • Research and Creative Achievement Council
  • Research Park Advisory Committee
  • Special Sessions Policy Committee
  • UMBC-Shady Grove Faculty Committee
  • Undergraduate Council

The following Committees report to the University Steering Committee:

  • Landscape and Stewardship Committee
  • Library Policy Committee

Other Committees:

  • Faculty Development Steering Committee
  • Honors and Awards Committee
  • Council of University System Faculty (CUSF)
  • MHEC Faculty Advisory Committee
  • Academic Conduct Committee
  • Athletics Policy Committee

You can view the UMBC Faculty Senate Home Page to see the list of Faculty Senators and find your department’s Faculty Senator.

For the full list, see: Faculty Senate Committee Roster AY2021-2022 [Note that this list may not be fully up-to-date.] For updates to the website and/or to the Roster, please contact Rose Drohan <rdrohan@umbc.edu>.