Committee on Computer Policy


To consider and recommend rules and regulations defining uses of computer facilities.

To review and to recommend the allocation and/or reallocation of resources pertaining to computer facilities and services.

To consider and evaluate the staffing needs of computer facilities and services.

To develop and adopt policies consistent with the objectives specified in the above charges.

Members (7 members; 2 yr. term)

  • Steven Caruso (Principal Lecturer, BIOL)
  • Jennifer Carter (Professor of the Practice, IS)
  • Michelle Finchbaugh (Librarian III, Library)
  • Matthias Gobbert (Professor, MATH/STAT)
  • Charles Kaylor (Lecturer, GES)
  • Adam Mendelson (Senior Lecturer, THTR)
  • Curtis Menyuk (Professor, CSEE)

For details about the AGENDA, please refer to the Running Agenda Google Document. [Interested viewers will need to access this Google Drive document using their UMBC credentials.]

For more information, see the Computer Policy Committee link on the Division of Information Technology (DoIT)’s Governance and Goals page.


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