Executive Committee


To provide continuity of planning and representation for the Senate and to prepare the agenda for the Senate meetings.

**Any decisions by the Executive Committee shall be reported to the Senate at its next regular meeting and be subject to review and approval.

Faculty Senate Executive Committee:

President: Susan McDonough (Associate Professor, History)

Vice President: Loren Henderson (Associate Professor, Public Policy)

At-Large Members:

  • Mariajose Castellanos (Principal Lecturer, Chemical, Biochemical, and Environmental Engineering)
  • Linda Dusman (Professor, Music)
  • Lindsey Loeper (Reference and Instruction Archivist)
  • Kevin Omland,(Professor, Biological Sciences)
  • Liz Patton (Assistant Professor, Media & Communication Studies)


  • Dawn Biehler (Chair of the Academic Planning and Budget (APB) Committee)
  • Donald Snyder (Chair of the Faculty Affairs Committee)
  • Elizabeth Feeser (Chair of the Undergraduate Council)
  • Andy Miller (Liaison from the Graduate Council)
  • Orianne Smith (Immediate Past President of the Faculty Senate)


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