Faculty Senate Sponsored Events

The following are Faculty Senate Sponsored Events.
Timely Conversations: An ongoing collaboration between faculty and campus experts to best support our students and ourselves:
  • Timely Conversations: Faculty, Students and Mental Health [11/20/20 at 3:30pm] — View Recording
    • Together with Dr. Bruce Herman, the Director of UMBC’s Health and Counseling Center, faculty members will share their experiences supporting students through online teaching amidst the pandemic.
      Faculty Guests
      Dr. Kate Drabinski, Principal Lecturer, GWST
      Dr. Tania Lizarazo, Assistant Professor, MLLI
      Dr. Eileen O’Brien, Principal Lecturer, Psychology
      Dr. Michelle Scott, Associate Professor, History
      Co-hosted by Orianne Smith, Faculty Senate President, and Susan McDonough, Faculty Senate Vice President