Faculty Senator Roster (AY 23-24) Find Your Faculty Senator

This page provides a quick look-up to help you find your Faculty Senate Representative for AY2023-2024.

Africana Studies: Thomas Robinson

American Studies: Sarah Fouts

Ancient Studies: Molly Jones-Lewis

Biological Sciences: Kevin Omland

Chemical, Biochemical & Environmental Engineering: Mariajose Castellanos

Chemistry and Biochemistry: Joel Liebman

Computer Science & Electrical Engineering: Curtis Menyuk

Dance: Ann Sofie Clemmensen

Economics: Salem Abo-Zaid

Education: Shannon Sauro

Emergency Health Services: Farah Nibbs

English: Elaine MacDougall

Erickson School of Aging Studies: Robin Majeski

Gender, Women’s +Sexuality Studies: Kate Drabinski

Geography & Environmental Systems: Colin Studds

History: Anne Sarah Rubin

Information Systems: Foad Hamidi

Library: Katy Sullivan

Language, Literacy & Culture: Tanya L. Saunders

Mathematics & Statistics: Muruhan Rathinam

Marine Biotechnology: Ten-Tsao Wong

Mechanical Engineering: Weidong Zhu

Media & Communication Studies: Tracy Tinga

Modern Languages, Linguistics & Intercultural Communication: Renee Lambert-Bretiere

Music: Philip Mann

Philosophy: Michael Nance

Physics: Todd Pittman

Political Science: William Blake

Psychology: Lira Yoon

Public Policy: Mir Usman Ali

Social Work: Nancy Kusmaul

Sociology & Anthropology: Andrea Kalfoglou

Theatre: Joan Mather

Visual Arts: Guenet Abraham


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